Mr Lockman Expands Business into Auto Locksmithing

An independent family run locksmith company based in Essex, Mr Lockman expands its business operation by providing high-end auto locksmith services to individuals, businesses and car owners throughout the area. This is part of the company’s goal of continuously delivering the best quality services with great workmanship and integrity while ensuring that their growing clients will have access to state-of-the-art auto locksmith services at highly reasonable prices.

Established in 2011, Mr Lockman is offering a comprehensive range of friendly locksmith Billericay services to its commercial and domestic clients. As skilled and experienced locksmiths in the industry, the company can provide outstanding locksmith services throughout Essex and its surrounding area. Their work covers security checks for commercial and domestic clients, mobile key cutting, regular lock changes, emergency locksmith billericay services and 24 Hour locksmith services.

In response to the growing demands for advanced auto locksmith services in Essex today, Mr Lockman is pleased to provide prompt and reliable mobile locksmith services to its growing number of clients in the industry.

Mr Lockman takes pride in its qualified and experienced locksmiths in Billericay who are fully licensed to perform auto locksmith and other services to its domestic and commercial clients. They have a reputable team of well-trained auto locksmiths, always ready to travel to the location of their clients and deliver the service they need in a prompt and professional manner. Having been in the industry for years, the company knows exactly how to deal with any complex locksmith issue that their customers may encounter. The mobile locksmith services include car lockouts, ignition switch repair, key replacement and duplication, transponder key programming and so much more.

Clients who need a professional locksmith service no longer have to wait for long hours or contact a call center just to get the service they require. By directly calling the experts at Mr Lockman, they can order any locksmith service they need without any hassle. The team will arrive with the right tools, parts and equipment to deliver the best mobile locksmith service that will exceed their expectations. Clients will obtain an upfront price quote and they will be assured that there will be no hidden charges or fees for the service.

We operate 24/7, so it doesn’t matter when you get locked out, we are here to help, the company founder stated. We know how devastating it can be to find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation at an uncomfortable time of the day or night. For this reason, we work hard to deliver top-notch services that will better serve our valued clients.

Mr Lockman greatly focuses on its customers and the overall experience they have with the company. Thus, the company continues to deliver top-of-the-line services unmatched in the industry. They also place their customer’s needs above their own that is why they are able to establish strong and lasting relationships with their clients from across all industries. The new auto locksmith services is the company’s another way to give back to their loyal customers.

Contact: Gareth

Company: Mr Lockman


Address: Hillary Mount, Billericay, CM12 9JS


Phone: 01277 361500

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Brief Description about Mr Lockman

Mr Lockman is a family owned locksmith business that came into existence in 2011 following a decision by the owners to quit working for other firms and be their own bosses. Ever since they offer services to both commercial and domestic consumers with their central operation location being Essex and in the following surroundingareas:

Their primary objective to be comprehensive in their mission, to be friendly in their interaction with clients and to be reliable to everyone they serve. The firm is guided by principles of professionalism, competence, and receptiveness in handling engagements with customers.

Their expertise manifests in the following areas:

Their outstanding services and features include 24-hour locksmithing services, free cost estimations, zero-rated call fees, affordable emergency and regular service charges and finally free after-service consultations. Ethics are at the centre of their operation.

Contact details

Interested customers have the option to call or email them. Here are the contact details:

  • Email address:
  • Phone Number: 07878 792 974

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6 Best Door Lock Brands

When talking of the best door locks, we speak of the locks that are already tested, proved and trusted. It means that they are of high quality and the companies are shown to be right. Locking your door is the ultimate step to ensuring your home is safe and secure. You wouldn’t want to lock with a poor quality lock only to find your home broken into.

At Mr Lockman, we shall take you through some of these locks; we analyse their strengths and weaknesses, their models and capabilities. We will be objective, accurate and represent facts to you. You will then make your decision on which lock you prefer, and we shall fix it for you. Kindly allow us to tour you around and discuss these locks;

1] Schlage

They have a sturdier physical construction, hard to pick and bump. You will find them in most of the home improvement stores, and their prices is a little bit high. The manufacturer company has various models but. The locks manufactured by Schlage have the best low-cost option. Many people use these locks at their home, the reason why we say may people have trust in it.

So if your looking to become a local locksmith in basildonthen get in touch with Mr Lockman.

2] Yale

The reputation of Yale is impeccable. Yale manufacturers are considered to be the creators of the modern day Pin Tumbler Lock. They are best known as the giants in the market, and their design is fantastic. They come with a set of spool pins. The Yale locks have become popular in the UK.

So if your looking to become a local 24 hour locksmiths basildonthen get in touch with Mr Lockman.

3] Corbin Russwin

The Corbin Russwin company is a mixture of variety lock brands. The firm started in 1840, when it used to make horns/balls knobs, the lock gets widely employed in schools. The locks are convenient since they are easy to service and replace. Before the company overhauled their designed, they were used as padlocks and often used for locking the cabinets.

So if your looking to become a local emergency locksmith basildonthen get in touch with Mr Lockman.

4] Kwikset

You might not have used the Kwikset Locks, but you have indeed used their products. In the United States of America, these locks seem to be at every home’s door. It is the cheapest brand you can purchase, but they provide excellent security. Don’t claim you don’t have money to buy when we can get for you this amazing brand. Order one now and it shall get delivered on your doorstep.

So if your looking to become a local locksmiths basildonthen get in touch with Mr Lockman.

5] Baldwin

When you tour most of the home improvement stores, you will probably bump in this lock brand. Baldwin is readily available, and it is of high quality. The lock brand is immensely trusted since it is strong and of an incredible solid construction.

6] Medeco

Medeco gets thought of being the best lock. Many people usually consult us on this brand. It is trusted since people claim it is unpickable. You are needed to upgrade it for security purpose, but it becomes less secure with every upgrading.

Visit us today, and we will ensure that you take home the best brand, depending on your financial capacity. We have all type of locks since our aim is to service people from all walks of life.,-0.1027224,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d8ebcc87612e83:0x834eeea7fc5044c9!8m2!3d51.7273279!4d0.457682?hl=en

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Let’s admit it; no matter how careful we are about our security devices, somehow situations arise and we find ourselves facing a lockdown. While some, such as losing keys, are accidental, others are natural and are caused by the normal wear and tear of material. As such, we cannot avoid them making us require a locksmith sooner or later. One way of ensuring our locks are correctly attended to is employing the services of a certified locksmith. Here are the top 4 Mr Lockman reasons why:

  1. They Are Resourceful

In addition to the expertise on operating locks, these locksmiths have the right tools and equipment for their job. In some countries, a locksmith cannot obtain some tools without proper accreditation. Why? To avoid incidences of illegal entry into other people’s property. Therefore, you have the guarantee that the kind of service you get from a certified one is lofty and less likely to damage your security device. Additionally, these will advise you accurately and accordingly.

When looking for a local certified locksmith in chelmsford essex or an emergency locksmith Ulting Maldon then why not call Mr Lockman.

  1. They Are Properly Trained

It is exasperating employing services of a locksmith only to end up receiving a shoddy job. In a field where the internet allows self-training and tutoring, scams are likely to crop up. Therefore, it is not uncommon to come across such individuals. Certified locksmiths undergo exhaustive training to gain clearance, qualifications and papers in registered institutions. They have a profound grasp on the installation, repair and functioning of a wide variety of security devices.

When searching for a certified locksmith lexden colchester or an 24 hour locksmiths Southend on Sea then why not call Mr Lockman.

  1. They Are Legally Insured

Sometimes locks or doors give in to pressure if they are mishandled resulting in an unintended damage. In the event where a locksmith doesn’t have an insurance cover, liability is automatically transferred to the customer increasing the total cost of repair. A certified and an insured locksmith will compensate you accordingly if he/she is responsible for damages. Therefore, you face no risk of extra costs using them.

When searching for a certified locksmith vange basildon or an 24 hour locksmith Ingrave Brentwood then why not call Mr Lockman.

  1. Reliability and Expertise

Certified locksmiths are a productive asset to professional firms. They have the necessary experience and know-how to operate on any lock with zero risks of tampering with its normal functioning. The comfort of using their services lies in the knowledge that you are in capable hands. You can always consult them and expect a quality and dependable advice.

You will agree with us that there are truly greater benefits and rewards in hiring a certified locksmith than settling on the alternative. Therefore, always be on the lookout to avoid employing scammers. Your security should always be a top priority and is only achievable through hiring a certified locksmith.

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Locksmith Basildon

Locksmith Basildon

It’s been another busy day today as a locksmith in Basildon! The burglars have been out and about today, I’ve been to 3 attempted break-in all in Basildon ss15, ss14. Lucky in some ways for my customers not one of them was successful in getting in, but they all managed to leave a trail of broken locks for me to fix!

The first job the UPVC door was left on the latch. Someone had tried to force it open, which resulted in a bent mechanism. Which prevented the client to open the door. I gained entry non destructively and replaced the gear box.

The second emergency locksmith basildon job the attempting thieves decided to get a bit heavier handed with their entry technique and decided to force the handles down resulting in snapped handles and again another broken gear box. This one gave me a bit more of a challenge but still managed to gain entry non destructively. And replaced my second gearbox of the day.

The third 24-hour locksmith basildon job was an attempted break in to a commercial shop premises. The result this time was a bent aluminium frame after a big right foot, which prevented the lock retracting. I managed to gain entry non destructively and all I needed to do was repair the frame as the lock was still serviceable.

All in a days work for Locksmith Basildon

Mr Lockman – 07878792974

– 24/7 Locksmith

– gain entry

– lock changes

– door repair

– warranty work


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Emergency Locksmith Southend

Local Locksmith Southend

I received a call at 2:30 am on Sunday morning after the client had lost his keys. Due to slight intoxication after a night out on the town. I arrived quickly (within 30 mins) after being the only Locksmith in the area to even answer the phone. After quoting an ETA and very fair price. Being A 24/7 on call Locksmith there is no such thing as “out of hours” for me.

I had the door open in a couple of minutes. With no need for any drilling or damage to the door or lock, allowing him to find his spare key inside. To which the client was most grateful, as he was desperate for some food to soak up the alcohol. He even offered me some cheese on toast and a cup of tea <img src="×72/1f642.png&quot; alt="

Local Locksmith in Maldon, Essex

Locksmith Maldon Essex

I had a call last week from a couple that had purchased a new property but were not supplied keys to the out building. I arrived promptly within 30 mins. I gained entry to the building, and had to replace the lock. I think we were all disappointed to find no hidden treasure but an empty unit. However they were very pleased with the new security lock that I fitted and they had a fully functional secure unit to fill with the wonders that every one hides in the garden shed :).

Top Locksmith in Maldon

Mr Lockman – For all your Locksmith, Locks and security needs.

24 hour locksmith

– security checks

– lost keys

– warrant work

– gain entry

– lock changes

– security upgrade


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Chelmsford Locksmith Identifies Lock-Snapping

Chelmsford Locksmith Warning

Lock Snapping is a process where euro profile locks, normally seen on a front upvc doors have been fitted with the wrong size locks.

The result being that the lock sticks out past the handle making it very easy to snap the lock and gain entry to your home.

Burglars are making this the entry method of choice as it is quick takes on average 13 seconds to open your door and gain entry to your valuables, Car, Cash, Computers, Tablets etc.

Locksmith Chelmsford can supply antisnap products that we can fit but honestly you only need the correct size euro lock fitted.

if you wish to see a video of how quick it is to enter homes like yours click on this link…/missing-information-watchdog-lock–snapping/

Bulglars will walk your street identify who was locks sticking out past the handle and target these homes. Please make sure your property does not have an external facing lock that sticks out past your Lock

Don’t be at risk Ring your Chelmsford LocksmithMR LOCKMAN today on 01245 408183


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Mr Lockman

Welcome to Mr Lockman – Your Essex Locksmith

Mr Lockman is a tiny 3rd party family run locksmith founded near Chelmsford in Essex, we aren’t part of your franchise or a sizable call centre and that means you will speak right to a locksmith located in Essex. Talk with Gareth now on 07878 792 974 for just about any Locksmith inquiries.

Even as we are founded near Chelmsford, it we can service all cities of Essex in a 30-60 minute disaster timeframe, including; Basildon, Billericay, Brentwood, Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester, Leigh-on-Sea, Rayleigh, Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock.

Because we operate as an unbiased Essex locksmith, we always try to access any property without destroying any area of the door shape or door within an emergency call away.

Our vans are stocked with ideal hair and parts to be sure we’re able to cover all areas of and types of hair that are being used on entry doors in Essex, so you just need to e mail us for an individual


Are you uncertain of the areas that people operate in? If you’re then please go to the areas web page to get more detailed quality.

Mr Lockman is designed to provide genuine and translucent fees in advance without subjecting some of our clients with additional and sometimes extortionate ‘concealed fees’ that both great shock and leave a customer feeling conned. There are a variety of so called ‘locksmiths’ operating throughout Essex who’ll simply damage your door to get access then ask for higher fees for a door and lock replacement unit. We aren’t like that.

If you want any locksmith advice or assistance throughout Essex and want to cope with a genuine persona rather than a call centre, today on 07878 792 974 then call Gareth.
No real matter what kind of locksmith you are requiring, be it local locksmith or commercial locksmith in Essex we can cover your entire needs and all sorts side, such as; uPVC Increase Glazed and Composite Door Multipoint lock vehicle repairs that require improvements visit.